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Sino-Tungsten(Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
Our Co., Sino -Tungsten (Xiamen) is a special Tungsten and Cemented Carbide manufacturer and supplier. Depending upon our fine Tungsten Material, advanced technology, modern facilities lower labour cost, scientific management and many years experience, we can supply finished and semi-finished Cemented Carbide products according with our demand.  

Anytime and even where in the world, if you have a demand for Cemented Carbide and Tungsten, please think of our company first without hesitation. We have neither minimum order, nor little customer, only our best service waiting upon you, because our motto is:

  CNIEC JIANGXI, is one of the largest Tungsten exporter in China and also the largest W supplier worldwide. CNIEC JX Xiamen is as a special Tungsten Exp. Dept. of CNIEC JIANGXI, located in Xiamen SEZ, a senic international harbor city near to several large Tungsten and its retated manufacturers. In nice cooperation and hard working with Sino-Tungsten Xiamen, we are looking forward to establisheing Tungsten and/or cooperation relations with any company exporting and importing.  



 Sino-Tungsten (Xiamen) Ind. & Trade Co., Ltd.
CNIEC Jiangxi Br. Xiamen Copyright 1998
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