About Chinatungsten Online

we have offered designing,In the past 2 decades, manufacturing types tungsten as: ores, concentrates,  tungstic acid, ammonium paratungstate & metatungstate (AMT & APT), sodium,  yellow tungsten oxide, blue tungsten oxide, tungsten trioxide(WO3);tungsten & carbide Powder, mixed or ready to press powder; tungsten carbide for cutting, sealing, drilling & mining; heavy alloy (WHA) for mobile cubes, watch bobs, sinks for PCB, darts sets' billets & barrels, golf clubs, yacht balance bricks, fishing sinkers, hunting gun's bullets' balls, weights roller for meters, balances for racing car & motor, auto engines' crankshafts, medical(e.g. X, gamma-ray) anti-radiation, resource shielding holder for uranium & depleted uranium (DU) protection shield, aircraft jets' parts & breaking plates, counterweight & riveting bucking bars, submarines' sealing & balancing, antitank missiles, canons' bullet, smart bomb (e.g. AHEAD)  and other military applications. Now, we've developed a new applicant of tungsten alloy Paper Weight.

We are very proud that we have offered more 1000 clients with thousands types expected tungsten products successfully from the year 1997. If you have any demand of tungsten & molybdenum, please let's know it without any hesitation, we'll try our best to assistant your complete the design, produce, machining, grounding & delivery ASAP. Also we promise you: We have neither minimum order, nor small customer, and we are not offering only our qualified products but also the designing, solution and the best service, prompt delivery at the most competitive prices for our motto is: Our Business Is Nothing But Your Success

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